for the love of god, somebody nominate rita volk for the ice bucket challenge

steph c: the post where u had all the tags basically saying u wanted a girlfriend, I can entirely relate. all my friends are in relationships too, I'm the only one who isn't and hasn't ever been in a real relationship, but that's ok!! it hurts sometimes (a lot) but it doesn't make u any less of an AMAZING person!!! idk we don't rly talk a lot anymore but I just wanna say ur rad as hell and I still care abt u a lot ❤️


Yeah, it kinda sucks, huh? But hey, at least we’re not alone in this!!! That is pretty comforting, knowing that other people are feeling what I’m feeling. And thank you so much! I care about you too, loads, and you know I’m only a text away if you ever want to chat or whatever c: 



If you think Alison is the Clone Club “group mom”, I have some news for you, it’s totally Sarah.

"Please don’t tell Sarah" - an actual thing Alison Hendrix said.

whatthedamnhell sucks

I don’t know why you’re sending this to me but regardless of what may have happened between you and this blogger, it is nothing to do with me and so I am not going to participate in any form of hate against another person. :)

get to know me meme - [2/5] favorite tv shows
american horror story: coven  ”We really don’t need a man to protect us.”


so you’ve fallen in love with an under appreciated actor with a terrible filmography: a memoir

buy me pizza and I'll be your girlfriend till I finish eat it :*

i miss your beautiful face [sighs]


Oh my gosh I miss your face too, like, a LOT. <333


I have a massive fear that no one actually likes me, rather everyone is just politely tolerating me hoping I leave them alone

I just want to say I think you're awesome and this blog always makes me smile so thanks for that. :-)

You’re too kind! Thank you for your wonderful message, friend c: